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Maria Lockridge My Preschooler and Me

Welcome! I'm Maria! I am a former preschool and 1st grade teacher turned SAHM. In March of 2020, at the onset of a global pandemic, I found myself going from mommy to my son's virtual teacher...literally overnight!

Several months into virtual school, it became very apparent to me that some of my friends with preschoolers were really struggling with teaching their children at home. As a former teacher, I wanted to help, so I started making printable math and literacy preschool games to share with them. They all loved the resources and found them to be very helpful! 

That's when the idea to create My Preschooler And Me was born. After teaching preschool, I know what it takes to help prepare preschool children for kindergarten. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and preschool resources with you!

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