The My Preschooler and Me Monthly Membership

If you want to take the "guess work" out of preparing your child for kindergarten, you are in the right place!

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The My Preschooler And Me Monthly Membership was created by a former preschool/elementary teacher with you and your preschooler in mind. 

We help you take the guess work out of preparing your child for kindergarten by providing everything you need right at your fingertips!

In addition to providing all of the learning materials, we'll show you exactly how to teach each activity on your child's individual learning level. This ensures that every activity in the membership is relevant to every preschool child. 

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When You Join The Membership, You Will...

  • Become More Confident in Your Ability to Teach Your Child At Home: We simplify the teaching process and show you how to adjust each activity to your child's personal learning level.
  • Receive a Roadmap for Helping Your Child Become Kindergarten Ready: We show you the steps to take in order to help your child be best prepared for kindergarten. 
  • Save Time: No more having to search the internet for ideas to implement. Everything you need is laid out in an organized, easy to follow format.
  • See Your Child Grow Leaps And Bounds Academically: Research shows that children learn best through play. Our curriculum allows children the freedom to explore, while exposing them to learning concepts necessary for success in kindergarten.
  • Spend Quality Time With Your Child: You can't put a price on quality time spent with your child. Our program provides just that when you commit to completing the activities together.

Samples of some of the learning games and activities inside our membership...


What's Included In The Membership?

Each month, we select a brand new theme for our resources. With your membership, you will receive...

  • 4 Printable Games: 2 math games and 2 literacy games. Each game addresses an important kindergarten readiness skill. Plus, almost all of the games are reusable so you can revisit them again and again! 
  • Training Videos: We understand that every preschooler has specific learning needs. Our training videos are designed to show you multiple ways to teach each game so every game we provide will be relevant to your child. 
  • 4 Enrichment Activities: Each activity goes along with the current month's theme. These activities might be arts and crafts, science, music, movement, or outdoor related things.
  • Book Suggestions: All book suggestion go along with the monthly theme. You do not have to own a copy of each book in order to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Meet the Creator of the My Preschooler and Me Membership

Hi there. I'm Maria, and I love helping you make teaching your preschooler at home easy and fun! 

As a stay-at-home mom of two, I’ve been there. My heart deeply desired to work with my children during our days together, but it was often hard to find resources pertaining to my children’s learning needs.

I always wished for an engaging program specific to my child’s learning level. I was constantly worried that my kids wouldn’t be prepared for kindergarten.

My search continued until one day I got fed up! That’s when the idea to create the My Preschooler And Me learning program was born.

As a former preschool and elementary teacher, I’ve worked with lots of children over the years. I believe in an academic approach to learning, but I also believe that it’s important to keep things fun and playful! 

Now that I’ve figured out what works best with littles, I’m excited to help you get your child prepared for kindergarten! 

What are you waiting for? Jump in and get started today!

Happy teaching!


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